Thursday, April 21, 2011


As we approach this Easter weekend I am thinking of the ultimate freedom that was given to us by the death, burial and resurection of Jesus Christ. Every year our nation celebrates freedom on the Forth of July, yet true freedom goes all the way back to an empty tomb where our savior once laid. Thanks to the price that was paid at Calvary and the power of a risen savior we are free from sin, free from death and free from the grave. Many loved ones have left this world in this past year. As I think about my sister who left this world in November, I so thankful that Jesus has given us the assurance that the grave is not the end. When Jesus rose from the tomb he made a way of escape for us. Though we may be laid in a earthly grave, we only slumber. As you celebrate this Easter season remember that we are rejoicing in the fact that we are free and free indeed!

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