Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whos Church is it????

I have recently heard different people talking about various churches and it bothers me how they refer to a church as Brother so and so's church. I know it is petty and most people do not mean it the way it sounds but I feel that too often we make church about a man and less about God. The church should have a direct purpose, to take salvation to the lost, a place for prayer and worship to the true and living God and a place to train and equip the believers for Godly service. When I hear someone talk about Brother Joe Bob's church it feels like they are paying more attention to the man at the church than the God who is head of the church. When the church becomes a place for titles and postions and those things have more attention that our true purpose, there is trouble. I do not have anything against giving honor to the leader that God has appointed to a body of believers. I just think that it would sound better to say the church where Brother Joe Bob is the pastor. Too often we can fall into following a man of God instead of following God himself. I just pray that we keep our eyes on Jesus as we are being cared for by the pastor that God has given us. I recently heard someone make the statement that " Whatever my man of God tells me to do, I will do." I hope that a man like that is also studying the word and not following blindly. I aslo pray that a pastor never forgets the incredible honor and responsiblity that God has given them to tend to the sheep that belong to God.

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