Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflective Anticipation

The weekend was good- enjoyed some time with Scotty and Tam after work on Saturday and did some good eating.  Sunday was an awesom time in the Lord! I was so honored to preach the Word of God with perhaps the strongest anointing I have ever felt. So many made kind comments to me regarding the message but it was not me but the power of God using me that made the difference. Tonight we enjoyed some fellowship with our pastor and his wife. We had the chance to share some pictures of family and friends and it was bittersweet looking at pictures from the day that Sarah and I were married. I saw the many pictures of my sweet sister and I remembered how she smiled and how she laughed. I hold to these memories and I know that God must have His reasons but it is still a struggle to know that someone who was always been with you as a part of your entire life is no longer just a phone call away. I know that we are about to move into a brand new season of our life that is full of wonder and beauty and great excitement. Yet, I still bear a heaviness of the ones that will not walk the path with us for many different reasons. I pray that God will teach me how to release the things that are gone and hold to what he has given me now. I thank God for what He is doing in our lives as we submit to His will in our lives. In Closing I will just say to my sister, Rhonda, I miss you and I love you!

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